Origin Story

Now you may think honey is honey, like all other honey. So did I until about 2017.

On a trip to Russia in the height of summer – where it gets very warm – I had the bright idea to treat our hosts to a BBQ. I was in front of the grill on a hot day and it was a scorcher in more ways than one!

My wife then brought me a bottle of cold, sparkling mead bought at the farmer’s market stall selling honey.¬† When I took my first sip – it changed my life.

That was a very traditional Russian mead recipe and very different to all mead I’ve tried before in the UK. The key to this recipe? Simple – natural raw honey, water and yeast – no fancy brewing additives, chemicals or cheap tricks.

I began to experiment at home for myself. Working together with Kirill and Svetlana, we started a small meadery using the same traditional recipe and principles, without compromise.

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